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The moonlight engulfs the sky
Illuminating the stars
Fireflies in the night
Hanging like lanterns.

I remember these nights
We were so happy
We were so perfect
Nothing could stand in our way.

The stars seemed to cascade
As I fell asleep in your arms
And I wished that
We'd never fall apart.

And the sunset soon took over
Pinks and yellows flooding the sky
Even though the sun was warm
I still felt cold inside.

I lay on the ground alone
You vanished in the night
No good-bye
No I love you.

You left me.

I cowered in the shadows
Waiting for you to come back
No sign of you,
No sign of love.

The night came once again
Like a blackened sea
I saw and watched the moon
Like we always did.

Something about the silence
Killed me
And I knew you'd come back
I thought you'd never leave me.

Our love was pure
We were picture perfect
I knew you loved me
I THOUGHT you loved me.

And as I stare at the stars, waiting
I only think of you
Something in the dark
Grabs my full attention.

I swear I heard voices.

I turn to my side
And I see you there
With someone else instead of me
My eyes swelled up inside.

I see you holding her
Like you held me the night before
I thought I was the one
You wanted.

The sky fell
The stars caved in on me
I broke into pieces
The night soon felt hollow

How could you defy me?

I soon felt my eyes burn
My fists tightened
And I screamed with

You looked back at me as if I
I never thought it'd end
Like this.
AxeField Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
I actually got teary-eyed at this one. It's very powerfull, I love it.
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August 29, 2006
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